Services/Princess Parties

For group bookings of 5+ guests, a gratuity fee of 15% will be added.

Cuticle cutting on top of full set/fills +$10

+$15 for removal of old nails if you want a new set

If you need drawn french the price varies depending on low french, V French, deep french. Please inquire within.

Princess BIRTHDAY Parties for 10 and under

$15 Manicure with free design for each child

$20 pedicure with free design for each child

You can decorate and bring snacks for the amount of time you are there. Usually if it is about 8 girls you’ll be there for average of 1.5 hours.

You can bring a cake 🎂 and birthday girl will get a small gift.

Deposit is required depending on size of party.

Email us for more info:

If the birthday girl is older the rate is different.


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